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Update from Holme Park Sauvignon (added 2nd April 2014)

Holme Park Krug awarded UK Elite Title (added 16th September 2013)

Holme Park Salcido is off to the National Dressage Championships (added 22nd August 2013)

Holme Park Frederick wins Elementary League (added 30th April 2013)

Holme Park Volnay placed Int 1 Premier League  (updated 11th March 2013)

BE100 Win and BRC Championships  - Holme Grove Devinci update  (updated 7th October 2012)

Update from Holme Park Havana (updated 1st July 2012)

Holme Grove Guiness first ridden photos (added 28th June 2012)

Holme Park Versace first Outing in Texas, USA!  (updated 6th June 2012)

 Holme Park Salcido in Jersey!  (updated 22nd May 2012)

HOLME PARK LEGEND upgraded to S Level Show jumping in Germany! (updated 30th May 2012)

Check out what Tom and Henry have been up to on their Blog (updated 30th May 2012)

Elite Holme Grove Solomon died suddenly in the field (added 26th April 2012)

Holme Park E2 has his first competition (added 12 April 2012)

 News from Holme Grove Creation (updated 3rd April 2012)

Holme Grove Prokofiev - New Lloyds Bank Black Horse! (added 3rd April 2012)

Pr St. Holme Park Liaison PTS (added 28th March 2012)

Holme Park Legend jumps at Trakehner Stallion Show in Germany (added 6th February 2012)

Holme Park Sunita has her Premium confirmed in Germany (added 7th February 2012)

Check out Tom (HG Constable) and Henry's Blog! (added 6th February 2012)

Holme Grove Merlin is "Sparkling" again! (added 23 January 2012)

The Magnificent Miss Flirt! (added 23 January 2012)

Update from Holme Grove Levi (added 6th October 20110)

More good news from Holme Park Karachi (updated 26 July  2011)

New photos of  Holme Park Sunray (added 22nd July 2011)

See Write up on

Holme Grove Sargent wins with 70% at Norton Heath  (updated 15th April 2011)

Holme Park Volnay Selected for Senior Inter Regional Squad Ad Medium (updated 15th April 2011)

News from Holme Grove Isis (added 25th March 2011)

Update on Holme Park Krescendo (added 25th March 2011)

Holme Park Kremona Awarded Elite Mare title (December 2010)

Sad Goodbye to of our Beautiful Champion Mares  (added 27th October 2010)

Holme Grove Gershwin (updated October 2010)

Holme Grove Lotus  (updated 15th October 2010)

Letter from Millie's 2009 Puppy - "Kojo" (added 15th October  2010)

Holme Grove Solomon Awarded "UK Elite" (added 6th September 2010)

Tragic loss of Holme Park Van Gogh (added 14th September 2010)

News from Holme Park Haydn (added 8th September  2010)

News from Holme Park Highspec (added 31st August 2010)

Sad Goodbye to Holme Grove Sayan (added 20th August 2010)

News on Holme Grove Byzantine - "Tzar" (added 15th August 2010)

News from Holme Grove Brahms (added 29th July 2010)

Update on Holme Grove Coleus (updated 28th July 2010)

Holme Park Volnay to go PSG!  (updated 14th July  2010)

Holme Grove Black Pearl and Anna Furber Pass Level 3 Parelli Assessment!  (updated 20th May 2010)

Holme Grove Devaux First outing with Sandra, USA  (updated 18 May 2010)

Update from South Africa on Holme Grove Goldcard and Holme Grove Salsa (added 26th April 2010)

First Dressage outing for Holme Park Starlet (added 12th April 2010)

Holme Park Flute  in New Zealand !! (updated 10th March 2010)

Holme Trakehner Riders 1st & 3rd in BD Young Professional Riders Final! (updated 16th February 2010)

News on Holme Park Fortius (updated 15th February 2010)

Holme Park Flirt - update (updated 15th February 2010)

Email from Millie's Puppies - "Alfie & Archie" (added 19th January 2010)

Letter from Millie's Puppy - "Kojo" (added 19th January 2010)

Holme Grove Flycatcher update (updated 21st December  2009)

Holme Park Sauvignon update (updated 21st December  2009)

Holme Grove Bardot wins Advanced Medium (added 21st December 2009)

News on Holme Park Kalibre (updated 21st December 2009)

Holme Park Sharaz looking for a new home! (added 18th November 2009)

News on Holme Grove Balderick - Trakehner Pony (added 21st October 2009)

Dowland K.O. Bo Didley Reserve Champion at Sports Pony Stallion Grading (added 12th October 2009)

Holme Park Silk placed PSG! (updated 1st October 2009)

News from Holme Grove Heritage (updated 30th September 2009)

Championship Results from Holme Park Kaskade 2009 to date (updated 22nd July 2009)

News from Holme Park Highspec (updated 9th July 2009)

Holme Park Saumur to do Side Saddle Display at Open Day 28th June 2009 (updated 4th June 2009)

News on Holme Grove Carnegie ( updated 4th June 2009)

Results from Holme Grove Ferretti (updated 7th May 2009)

News from Holme Grove Indesi  (updated 23 March 2009)

Update on Holme Grove Baroque Qualified for Winter Dressage Championships (updated 21 March 2009)

Trakehner horses in Spain - donation funds still held in UK. (updated 21st March 2009)

Photos of our new foal Sirikit (added 3rd January 2009)

Holme Park Fiasco -photos from his first show (added 5 December 2008)

News on Holme Park Vinchy ( added 6th November 2008)

Update on Holme Grove Goldcard and Holme Grove Salsa ( added 6th November 2008)

Suzanne Wynne Jenkins found GUILTY in 7 out of 8 charges by RSPCA (added 30th October 2008)

Some very sad news about one of Millie's Puppies (added 14th October 2008)

News of Holme Park Satin in her new home (added 30th August 2008)

News from Holme Park Heavenly  (added 12th August 2008)

News from  Holme Grove Barbados (updated 9th June 2008)

News on Holme Grove Black Pearl  (updated 6th June 2008)

News on Holme Grove Black Pearl  (updated 6th June 2008)

Holme Park Havana update (updated 31stMay 2008)

News from Holme Park Sancerre (added 24th May 2008)

 News from Holme Grove Chantelle (updated 15th May 2008)

Update on Holme Park Legend (added 12th May 2008)

Holme Grove Sayan to stay at Holme Grove (added 8th May 2008)

Holme Grove Salsa arrives in South Africa (added 8th May 2008)

News on Holme Grove Cezanne and Holme Grove Infini (added 30 April 2008)

Holme Grove Castellane in her new home (added 30 April 2008)

Holme Grove Dresden in search of a new home (added 10th March 2008)

Trakehner/Arab Ridden Event - Warwickshire College 21st June 2008

Holme Grove Merlin wins Grand Prix (added 28 January 2008)

News  from Holme Grove Sargent's owner (updated 7 December 2007)

News from Holme Park Fortius and Holme Grove Cleopatra  (added 22nd November 2007)

Holme Grove Goldcard - 2007 Derby Dressage Champion (added 8th October 2007

Sad Goodbye to EM Holme Park Kalahari (added 1st October 2007)

News on Julmond '121' in USA (added 24th September 2007)

Holme Park Legend qualifies for PAVO Young Event Horse Championships (updated 15th September 2007)

Holme Grove Goldcard - THS Medium Dressage Champion (added 17th September 2007

News from Holme Grove Fiji (Added 24th July 2007)

Holme Grove Constable and Holme Grove Gwigion (updated 21st July  2007)

Installing new Lunge Pen at Holme Park Stud (added 23rd June 2007)

Holme Park Sovereign moves to Italy (updated 21st June 2007)

Greetings from Catalyst in Bavaria (added 16 June 2007)

News from Holme Park Lucy (added 13th June 2007)

News from  Holme Park Vasanti (updated 13th June 2007)

Holme Grove Liebe p.t.s. following sudden illness  (added 1st June 2007)

Holme Park Solo goes to his new home (added 18th May 2007)

Holme Grove Merlin Sunshine Tour update (updated  25th March 2007)

An Email from Serge Prokofiev Jr ! (Grandson of the Russian Composer) (added 14 February 2007)

Update from Holme Grove Lucerne, Laurenti and Bahamas (added 14 February 2007)

News from South Africa on Holme Grove Goldcard (updated 12 February 2007)

News from Holme Park Valentino (updated 12 February 2007)

 News from Holme Grove Carrman (added 29th January 2007)

News from  Holme Park Kudos (added 23rd January 2007)

News from  Holme Park Kalibre (updated 14th January 2007)

News from Holme Grove Limbo (updated 27th December 2006)

Results from Holme Grove Merlin (updated 18th December  2006)

News from Holme Grove Infini (added 6th December 2006)

News from Holme Park Vanity (added 21 November 2006)

Elite Status for Holme Park Kalahari

News from Holme Park Victory  (updated 7th August  2006)

Holme Grove Barbarella found dead in the field (added 12 June 2006)

News from Holme Grove Fernando II (added 18 May 2006)

Holme Park Sintra update from Canada (updated 21st March 2006)

6 month old Boxer puppy in Veterinary Hospital (added 14th March 2006)

Holme Park Sovereign ( updated 14th March 2006)

Holme Park Karachi Qualifies 5 times!  (added 3rd March 2006)

News on Holme Park Dynamo (added 22nd February 2006)

Farewell to Fairlyn Gemini (added 12 January 2006)

Paul is International Trakehner Judge (29th October 2005)

Results from Holme Grove Brahms (updated 24th October 2005)

Holme Grove Colvin (14th September 2005)

E-mail from New Zealand (14th September 2005)

News of Holme Grove Festigny (updated 2nd September 2005)

News of Holme Park Sovereign in his new home (updated 23rd August 2005)

Sad Goodbye to Holme Park Sundance (26 July 2005)

News from Holme Grove Lucerne and Bahamas (13th April 2005)

Holme Grove Bolero wins Small Tour Championship in Australia (13th April 2005)

New Roof on Arena at Holme Park Stud ( March 2005)

Holme Park Flute is Supreme Champion Again in New Zealand (28 January 2005)

Stallion prospect sold to Germany (1st November 2004)

More News on Holme Grove Colvin (4th November 2004)

Holme Park Flute is Supreme Champion Sports Horse in New Zealand (2nd November 2004)

Holme Grove Goldcard wins "Compleat Horse" Championship at SouthAfrican Derby (15 October 2004)

Horse & Hound Write up on TBF Show 2004 (14th October 2004)

Holme Grove Goldcard - THS National Elementary Dressage Champion 2004 ! (24 September 2004)

Holme Grove Solomon awarded TBF Excellence Award for Lifetime Achievement (July 2004)

Holme Park Krug has been off work (2 July 2004)

Holme Grove Merlin wins his first PSG ! (9 June 2004)

Holme Grove Bolero winning Advanced in Australia (9 June 2004)

Holme Grove Goldcard - SA National Dressage Championships ! (23 May2004)

Holme Grove Goldcard does it again !!! (26 April 2004)

Holme Grove Goldcard takes Supreme Champion at one of South Africa's Biggest Shows (22 March 2004)

Holme Grove Prokofiev - Write ups in Horse & Hound (29th February 2004)

Holme Grove Barkehmen (Translation from Trakehner Hefte November 2003)

Holme Trakehner Open Day 2003 (Translation from Trakehner Hefte November 2003)

Holme Grove Prokofiev & Holme Park Krug (November 2003)

E-mail from Rosewood Trakehners, Canada (November 2003)

TBF Performance Awards (November 2003)

Holme Grove Goldcard Fully Approved (October 2003)

The Sad Story about Whipper (October 2003)

Crazy cats share babies!  (June 2003)

Holme Grove Goldcard 2nd in National Championships (April 2003)

Holme Grove Goldcard wins again (February 2003)

Holme Grove Cappuccino awarded "Model Mare"(7th January 2003)

Holme Park Koenig is dead (21st November 2002)

Horse & Hound write up on Open Day published (1st August 2002)

Press Release - Holme Trakehner Open Day 2002 (April 2002)

Chiltern & Thames Rider article "Addicted to Trakehners" (March/April 02)

HG Solomon & Progeny represent TBF at National Dressage Championships 2001 (September 2001)
  Best British Bred Dressage Sire 2000 (Feb 2001)