Tragedy of The Trakehners in Spain

The funds collected in UK are still being held in a secure account waiting to be sent to Spain to help look after the horses after the Spanish Court case when hopefully they may be released.  We have no date for this yet and the horses remain in the care of Suzy Jenkins. Our thanks to all who have donated funds to our appeal - we are most grateful and will ensure 100% goes to the benefit of these horses. (March 2009)

Update in The Olive Press - July 2009

RSPCA Court Case - GUILTY Verdict

The Story of Singing Holly  - .pdf Version

The Story unfolds

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Horse & Hound Appeal report

Horse & Hound Report on Suzy Jenkins

We wish to make it clear that our interest in this tragedy is not to apportion blame but purely our concern for the welfare of the horses and our desperate desire to help save those who are strong enough to have a future.  We wish to raise funds to assist the CACMA with looking after the horses once they are hopefully released from their current situation.