Holme Trakehner Video Clips

Video of Holme Grove youngsters (2011)

Video of Holme Park youngsters  (2011)

Videos of Holme Trakehner taken in 2011 when they were 4

Videos of Holme Trakehner when they were Yearlings  2011

Holme Grove Black Pearl - First Dressage Test 3rd March 2007
Holme Park Satin - Training Session with Jeroen Hulsman - ridden by Debbie Watts - Feb 2007
Holme Park Legend - Stallion Performance Test, Germany.  Day 1 Ridden      Loose Jumping
Holme Park Legend - German Grading April 2007 - Ridden Section
Holme Park Hidalgo - Loose in School 24th January 2009
Slide show of Holme Park Legend taking collection using phantom mare
Holme Park Versace & Holme Grove Coleus as foals at 2003 Open Day
Beg xx - Sire of Holme Grove Prokofiev
Caprimond and Hohenstein on Youtube